Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oribe Blowout

I would have to say that the perks at K Sera are pretty nice!
The rep from Oribe came by the salon today to go over a little more product knowledge.  This means the girls get to play around with the hair products and I get to sit in the chair and enjoy! Yah buddy

Getting my hair washed and a blowout is an amazing way to start out my day.  It feels and looks so good....dang I wish they could come over everyday and just do this for me, I mean c'mon is that asking too much :) Ok, how about every 3 days, cause that is about how long the blowout lasts until I feel like I need to wash it again...that seems reasonable right, every 3 days..hehe.."I want to be a millionaire so frickin baaaaaad"
It is so smooth...ahhh
My girl Courtney experimented with different products on sections of my hair to see the outcome.  I would have to say that I absolutely loved the Oribe Gel Serum! It was light and airy, but gave a little lift at the I bought it, and the Apres Beach, cause it's amazeballs, perfect wavy beach hair when applied wet or  when dry it makes it piecey and you feel like a rockstar...who wouldn't buy it ...bad barbara....whatever, I am planning on working til I croak anyway :)

This was the other model, her hair turned out pretty fab also!
The good news is, I only have $999,999 to go and I am a millionaire...boom..just like that, closer to being a baller!!Woo-hoo