Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites ~ Oribe Gold Pomade

 I had a superduper fun night yesterday...fabulous people, food, and fashion ...ahhhhh....a girls dream...Being around all that makes me giddy happy.  I attended the American Cancer Society Runway for Life show with my awesome girls from K Sera

The products of choice were, of course, the one and only Oribe.
Ahhhhhhmazing smells filling a room of lovely ladies getting all dolled up for a great it!  The standout product of the night would have to be the Oribe 24K Gold Pomade, instant lustrous glamour. We rocked it on their hair and faces...boom!
This stuff is so freakin pretty! Well, your probably can't go wrong when you are working with such cutie girls though right.

Us girls at K Sera volunteered our services to make the models for Azure even more glamorous then their everyday hotness.  We decided Oribe 24K Gold Pomade would be the product to step up the game.  Some was added to hair, brow bone and a small dab in the center of the bottom lip for some ultimate coolness! So Fun!

We decided to go with a bolder bright eye since it is spring and all right!
Check out this rad hair...and necklace to die for!!!! OMG!!

This is an arm party that I want to attend..woa.. excellent combo platter

All clothing and accessories by Azure
Happy Friday everyone!
I am laying low until Sunday, then busting out a half marathon...piece of cake right?! In 80+ degree weather...perrrrrfect..sounds great..While I run, I like to look back and say
Why are all these people following me?


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