Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Favorites ~ New Job! and Chair Project

This week has been pretty exciting, scary, filled with nerves and glorious all in one!  I feel SO adult to have started renting my room at K Sera Salon and Spa. 
First of all...Having flowers delivered everyday since opening is a girls dream come true...wish it could go on forever ;) The love is being felt let me tell ya!
Even though none were for me, it is still great to be around so many beautiful arrangements!  My hubby did pull a 4 year old move and picked this one for me :) that sweetie

Perks...yes there are many...I have the freedom to make my schedule, set my prices, wear color, be creative.....Scary part.. no more steady paychecks....eeeek!  Everyone who has rented tells me they would never want to be an employee again.  I believe it. All in due time right.
I am excited to get back into the swing of things! In the mean time, while I am slower I am enjoying catching up with my girls, going to my little dudes soccer games, and spending time with my handsome hubby....and.....having someone else paint my homey Courtney jazzed me up with OPI Cha Ching Cherry...yah buddy
Onto the project...
So, I am in the process of studding out two of our chairs that are located in the waiting area of the salon. Very time consuming, but results are so worth it.  My friend found these chairs at the thrift shop and they had some potential, so as we say around here "looks like another project".  Love it!  The wood was painted teal..of course...cause we love that color ahaha....then the studding began!

We had to decide between painting the trim purple or teal...teal always wins in my book hehe...then, matte finish or glossy. We went with glossy.  Matte finish tends to get dirty quickly and this is right where peoples hands are...ick...glossy it is.  The final decision was square studs or round.  The shiny silver ones looked so modern and that is what this furniture needed.  I will post more pictures once it gets finished!
Tomorrow I go and try on bridesmaids gowns for my friend Courtney's wedding, then off to lunch...a day with the ladies! yay!
Here is one of her engagement photos taken by my hubby and partner at Ryun Photography...amazing!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Thank you so much! I follow you back! I love your energy and attitude!

  2. Thank you, that is so sweet :)

  3. nail-color CUTE
    and the chair-amazing work:)

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  4. Great blogpost and DIY. You have marvelous design taste! I wish you all the luck with your blog!

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  5. Great DIY. Thank you for comment, I'm following you too, by the way; I love your the header of your blog!

  6. Wow i really like your design! The chair is amazing!

    xoxo Nissy