Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break Time!

Today was beautiful out! Great day to have some family over and make some delicious food. Sunday funday peoples!

On the menu at our household was pork shoulder with a peach reduction sauce, garlic green beans, and delicious mashers...must unbutton jeans...uffda... My husband started cooking at 7am...we didn't eat until 3 today! ahhhhhhh, longest day ever of yummy smells. The crusty outer layer was sooo amazing....the salt and brown sugar rub made this one of my favorite meals of the year. full. body shut down for 15 minutes, uncontrollable out..momma going down
The Grandmas brought over dessert.  Fresh fruit salad and a scrumptious pistachio tort. Oreo cookie crust, pistachio filling, whip cream topping sprinkled with Heath on top....oh goodness...

My family thinks it's funny that I always take pictures of my food. I just sometimes get in a rut, then I can look back and be like "that, that is what I want"....feed the momma
Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. YUM. all this food looks amazing.
    and my family thinks i'm wacky for taking pictures of my food too.
    i just like to eat it mentally again.
    xx jes

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  3. thanks so much for your lovely comment on my last post and to be my newest follower, I follow you too!
    have a wonderful Monday!

  4. Woow this desert looks heavenly *o*

  5. really love your blog. saw it on IFB.

    i'm definitely following :)