Sunday, April 15, 2012

Philanthropy ~ Jim Storzer Benefit

I am a big believer in contributing to others in need.  I am by no means rich, but if I have a dollar, I will probably give you half if you really need it.  I am trying to install these acts of goodwill into my children also. My daughter makes me so proud with her passion for people and the environment...I think I might have actually rubbed off on that chick. 

My friends know if they need some support I am there no questions asked. It is not in me to say no if I know I can make a difference. So, we have a friend in need and the family came out to support. I love it, doing something to help another is a win win. You get back whatever energy you put out. I truly believe in the science of that, as well as, the spiritual side of it.
My hubby donated a picture of Lambeau Stadium, and a custom piece of jewelry, and I donated a 60 minute facial.

We didn't stay too long, had some sloppy joes, bought a bunch of tickets for the raffles and played some tic tac toe. Good times :)

If I were rich I would be a philanthropist for sure, helping other is what it is all about right !

Here is my friends story:
Jim has a benign tumor on his right eardrum that is called Cholesteatoma. On March 12th at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee Jim will have his entire ear canal, ear drum, and the bones behind his ear drum removed in order to get the tumor out. Loss of hearing in the ear is definite, and paralysis of the face is most certain; however, if the tumor is left intact it will continue to grow into his brain causing permanent paralysis and death.

As the self-owned small business owner of Vosner Jewelers on Velp, Jim and his family face many challenges, both personally and financially. While Jim’s prognosis for a full recovery is hopeful it is still uncertain. With Jim’s inability to work and expenses escalating daily, his family is facing overwhelming financial hardship.