Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day 2011

So tomorrow is Earth Day! Every year I like to bring the little dude to clean up a park and plant some things around the house.  Now that he is in school, he is telling me about what I need to do hahaa, go figure, he knows everything :)

Here is our adventure from last year!  He is such a trooper!
Random items at the park, this is why we wear gloves :)
Now time to plant some things!
I love the little girl next store just cruising on a mini motorcycle, this thing goes fast helmet...grrrrr, some parents I tell ya.

He is so freakin cute! He would rather be outside doing yard work than playing on his bike , that's my boy, such a good soul
We are excited for another Earth Day !

.....on a side note....
Shouldn't everyone have these around town? I mean, just in case! geebambino, so lucky!

Do you have any plans for Earth Day?