Thursday, March 29, 2012

K Sera` ~Trade Show ~100th Post!

100th post already! Awesome
I am starting a new journey in life, so exciting!  I will be working at K Sera Salon and Spa.... we are under construction and hopefully it will be finished within 2 weeks!
It was time for change in my life, so I decided to take a leap. 
The awning just got put up! Things are starting to really move along...woohoo

So in preparation for this new adventure I took a little road trip with my homies to check out some makeup, skin , and hair products.  Let me tell ya, they fed us good and I got a lot of info from the vendors. Well worth my time.  Exciting!

I am really looking forward to being creative again and dressing in color at work! and grey uniform makes me blueeeee....wah wah waaaaaaaa

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