Thursday, February 9, 2012

Suncatcher Project

So the little dude and I decided to do a winter project.  It is a suncatcher from all the goodies we found in our yard.  Turned out super sweet and was fun to do together.

We did not have a bundt pan, so we used this pan and put a cup in center to make a hole.  
Step 1. Fill the pan a 1/3 full of water and set outside or in freezer to freeze.
Step 2. Gather your bits and pieces, we chose pine cones, pine needles, berries, and wilted flowers.
Step 3. Add some more water and freeze again.

Do you have any winter projects that would be fun? Share!


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  4. Thats so beautiful. Lovely project!!

  5. I like your blog dear!Really cute children and idea is great!♥

  6. amazing idea, next time do the same with other thing instead water to keep more time because its very nice to finish soon¡¡


  7. I love all these photos. That kid looks so cute! I wanna hug him tight. Please send my regards to him. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  8. oh that is a sweet idea! Ive never thought of that before. and its so easy to do too!

  9. aww this is such a cute project! love it! :)

  10. That's cool - I've never seen that before!

    xo Jennifer