Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Currently ~ in my Makeup bag

My current makeup favorites! Actually, this teal Estee Lauder bag is a favorite right now. Goodwill $2.99, brand new! boom!
Here we go!
The Too faced Temptress I am basically using for the blush, it is the perfect pink for my skin right now.

Manic Panic Sooo 80's is sooo Rad!
Living in the world of MAC right now...
Gloss with highlighter, Bronzer and the eye LOVE
Also, I am usually rockin my Jane Iredale lip gloss...I must say it is a little drying, so I am reaching for my chap stick a little more often now.

What is your favorite items in your makeup bag?!


  1. Ooh I love that color blush. These are some great items :) Something that's always in my bag is my benefit that gal primer, and Flirt! liquid eyeliner.



  2. cool post! I never really keep a make up bag! I just use different things every day and then put them into my purse before leaving the house haha!
    I've tried keeping make up bags but start putting more and more things inside it and in the end i can't find anything...

  3. Great post thankyou ! That manic panic is so cool ! xx

  4. wow, nice goodies! and your makeup bag looks fabulous for sure.
    I know I should do a similar post about my makeup goodies as well :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. the palettes are cute, and haha yaa eating make up is prob not a good thing, unless they're organic? then again it prob wouldn't taste so good!

  6. Oh very nice!

  7. Great stuff, need to update my collection!*


  8. Thanks for your coment honey!! I really like this phonos, great outfit, specially your flower pants !!!
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