Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Weekend

My vintage purse, perfect for a New Years wedding....or any other day of the week

We didn't make it to our second wedding for New Years in time, we had to pull over and have a midnight smooch to ring in the New Year!

Me, makin some tunes on the cinderelly guitar and KORG

some of my favorite finds of 2011

beautiful candles at the wedding

weddings make me want to take photos of our wedding rings, I don't know why

hubby and friend making the musics

my son Georgie and I made a snowman today :)

An upside down snowman!! we thought he was pretty cool

HAPPY 2012! May your year be filled with happiness, peace, and some really sweet fashion deals.



  1. happy new years! wonderful pictures. I am smitten by your vintage clutch, and all your jewellery. the upside down snowman is pretty cool!

  2. thanks! the clutch was a SCORE! I paid $15 for a box of vintage purses... an old lady was moving to Florida and was selling most of the things she collected over the years. They still had the little mirrors and combs in the paper still in them. That will probably never happen again in my life.

  3. Love your squenced vintage purse, so fun. :D
    Loove the candles @ the wedding, so nice and different ♥
    And nice wedding rings, very cool, and different. :D
    lol, love the upside down snowman! :D

    Thanks for your comment on my new post! :D

    -Eliza, Happy new yrs!

  4. Wow, what a fabulous post! I love these pictures and I hope you had a great New Years :) Thanks so much for following me and entering my giveaway, it means a lot! Following you back, dear :) Hope we can stay in touch!

  5. Looks like a great time!! Love the upside down snow man how cute!


  6. that vintage purse, your finds and your wedding rings = ♥ :)Happy new year!

  7. Great photos!!!
    Follow you GF and blogloving!!!

  8. you are GORGEOUS! also, where did you snag that purse? I likey.

  9. Loving your pics!... and your jewelry picks.... the BAD ring also on my want list... thanks for commenting on my post.

    Followed u back on Bloglovin... XOXO

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  10. I LOVE your vintage purse! And you seem like a lot of fun! Also, LOVE renewing vows! The DH and I did so in Vegas on Valentine's Day 2 years ago!-Jessica