Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Favorites ~ My dream house

My favorite chairs EVER!

This looks like the perfect place to snuggle.

dream house bird house

in love with this space

The perfect attic
Friday has come around again, so here are some of my favorites! I would love all of these things in my dream home. I love color! I need color in my home for my happiness. I love the idea of a cream cozy knit bedroom like the photo above, but I would have to add an aqua dresser or something.  One day I will own a home and I will then start buying things that I will want to have forever.  I have decided to stop buying things until I get a home. My duplex is cram jam packed with lovelies that will be awesome in my dream home, but when it comes to large, antique, couchy and chair items, I must hold off!