Thursday, December 29, 2011

All Things Christmas

Kinda hard to do on yourself, but I thought it looked alright!

Georgie loves to wrap paper and have you open his letters, best gifts :)

My daughter and her boyfriend

This candle smells so good, I don't even light it!

I love Magic

Georgie believes in magic

Bubble lights are the best

The holidays were great, I took down my tree this morning, felt good to rearrange. I did leave up the white lights in the house, it makes everything look more alive in this bitter cold winter of Wisconsin.
Here are some of my presents! Man I felt loved!

My niece gave me some bracelets from Africa, so awesome

Rad necklace from my daughter Isabelle

from Georgie

Go Pack

My hubby knows me sooo good :)

Sweet boots

....and finally some breakfast in the tummy to energize us for a long day of house hopping.


  1. The bracelets, boots, and the jewellery hanging thing were really nice. Hope you had a great Christmas! :) xo

  2. Love your blog! (:
    Those boots are cute!


  3. Love your nails! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. Love the bubble lights - I thought I was the only one who still had a string!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! All the photos are so nice and warm!
    BTW, I am following you now. You have a lovely blog!

  6. your nails look incredible, I wish I had a steady enough hand for stuff like that. lovely photos, they are so warm and really capture moments so purely.

  7. Those nails are incredible!! And I love the bracelts. Happy New Year!! :)

    Sing Simple

  8. You have a lovely family!! Hope you had a gorgeous christmas!